Thursday, December 11, 2014

Worsley Nun Hang'n Loose

Rich met me at work just before 5pm so we were loaded up and ready to go right away, managing to get a bit of a head start on the traffic we got changed at the park next to Worsleys Road and moving around 5.40pm.  Neither of us were feeling super fast to start with so a steady pace was held up the road, then below the 4wd track for a bit then back over the fence onto the now very washed out and rock 4wd track.  The track was a little damp in places but mostly pretty grippy.  I managed to get right up the Body Bag (first time up here for ages) and Rich most of it.  We didn't wait at the top due to cold wind and a few spits of rain about.  Up from here to the top of the Nun we pulled up for a snack at the top where we were sheltered from the wind a bit. 

The rain was threatening more so we didn't hang around too long.  I lead down the hill but didn't feel super quick, possibly due to the wind at the top and a few greasy patches on the track here and there.  Rich was feeling about the same so I wasn't holding him up. Then he dropped his chain again so dropped back a bit.  Half way down we passed the track builder digging up a section so slowed down and went around dirt heaps he had piled up.  I had a good run down, despite not feeling fully confident but still haven't figured out how to make the last section flow properly yet.

Back out onto the road we headed back up to the top of Worsleys and back down the Body Bag, Rich on the right side and me on the left, both finding the line not very good, the centre line probably being the best.  At the fence we turned right, back up into the forest and right again up to Tommys II and Hang Loose.  I lead again into Hang Loose, very slowly as the track up here was still pretty greasy.  As we got lower it was dryer though.  Stopped at the start of Yoda and walked a little way down to check it out.  Looks knarly but cool, might have a go at it in the dry soon. 

Back riding again and apparently onto Goat track which then joins the other trails out at the logging track back up to Worsleys.  I put some power on in the climb to see how I was compared to the Packhorse ride where I had no power at all.  I got to the top of the steep section through the gorse and had to back of a little but didn't feel too bad, better than Tuesday anyway.  We then headed back up the forestry track and got up to the clifftops before taking Waynes World down to Fight Club.  Fight Club being nice and dry and super fun.  Back to the log skidder track back up and I managed to power up the steep piece again feeling pretty good.

Back down to the road end via a grassy exit track to the left.  We cruised down the road taking the odd off road option and hit the top of Far Side.  I lead in and had a really quick roller coaster run, a few close calls and almost turned left on a right hander.  Big smiles at the bottom and we headed back up the steep section of road to the start of Far Side again for a repeat run.  Waited at the top for some others to get ahead as they didn't look like being super quick.  The second run was even faster in places although I managed to bollock myself with the seat on a big G out but didn't have to stop.  Back out to the car by 8pm.

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