Sunday, December 21, 2014

Friday Night Escape from Jaws at Kaiteriteri

Left home after much repair work/maintenance and organisation at about 11am en route to Motueka.  At the Lake Daniels carpark Rich and his crew met up and we carried on through making Motueka at about 6pm or so.  We quickly organised ourselves (me putting tent up) then Rich and I shot through to Kaiteriteri via the Hop Federation brewery.  The wet weather was holding off and it was warm and muggy when we headed up into the bike park.  First up Easy Rider then Cruise Control, catching up to another rider here who followed behind us, Glade Runner, Revelation, Ziggy and into Corkscrew.  We had set a pretty fierce pace to the base of Corkscrew enjoying the swooping trails but the long drive and lack of good food started to show so we had a feed and rest near the bottow before heading up with our tail end charlie now well ahead.  No sign of him once we hit the skidder track at the top but the views were good.

We headed back down the top section of Corkscrew and turned right into the new Jaws track.  This was really sweet, lots of swoops and roller coasting along and some good jumps, nice berms and steep climbs into hairpin corners to reduce the braking required.  Hopefully this will keep the damage to the track to a minimum.  Jaws lead into Skulldugery where at the end of that we met up with the other rider again.  He gave us some good advise about which trails to take and followed in behind again as we took Scoot, Swish and via Easy Rider and Half Pipe back to the Jump track at the start/end.  Back out a few hundred metres to the car beside the beach.  We were still pretty hot so stripped to our short liners and jumped into the sea.  It was cool at first but nice and warm on top so I swam to the rocks and back (very slowly).  A great way to refresh after and hot sticky fun ride.  Also the beer at the end helped too.

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