Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Tuesday Tootle

This ride was from 1 week ago....

Picked up Swtchbckr from his place and headed up to Upper Major Hornbrook Road to meet up with the PFMTBC boys.  Only Warren, Robin and Andrew were in.  We headed up Britten and left at the top to the end, then flicked left along the Summit Road, up Broadleaf to the top of Mt Pleasant.  I was fighting a cold so wasn't able to push too hard but we made it up in decent time.  Over the top we headed and I lead down to the top of Greenwood.  A bit slow over the rocks at the top but getting a flow on along the lower section.  A quick regroup and we headed into Greenwood.  I wasn't feeling 100% energetic so cruised the easy bits and attacked more on the tecknical sections.  I seemed to have a better run than last time.  We all got down without any major dramas although Rich dropped his chain a couple of times.  At road we decided to split as Rich and I went back up the track and the others took the newly re-surfaced road. 

We stopped on the first big bend to check out the drop over the side and then yarned to a rider coming down.  Off again we climbed steadily enjoying the tecknical challenges but not pushing on to hard.  I big bunch of about 20 riders came by at the top, big range of abilities with the tail enders walking some of the rock gardens.  We passed the ruins and headed into the old Greenwood entrance, the first time in ages I had been on it.  A few rough patches have been improved and it was quite flowing for a change.  Along the road for a few hundred metres and into Britten again, we had a fast run down with little wind to slow us and push you off balance.

Not a big ride but a good blast to keep fresh.

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