Sunday, March 18, 2012

Bottle Lake test blat...

Short and sweet first entry into the blog for donkeys. Been slack but have done a few rides since the last entry. Most with SWTCHBCKR so are documented there.
Prior to this ride I had done an epic in the wet with Rich up Coopers Creek track to the Wharfedale saddle and back, which chewed up the rest of my brake pads and my drive train, as I had problems with both on the next ride or 2 after that. So I replaced the pads and my chain, middle ring and rear cassette. I figured all would be good for a hill ride, but Rich pulled out so I though a Bottle Lake ride would suffice to test things out. As it turned out that was lucky because I was still having problems with the chain jumping gears under load on its own. This is very annoying and dangerous if it happens at the wrong time, especially when you get the feeling all this new gear is chewing itself to bits already. Anyway I found that if I left it in one gear it was OK, so found a tallish ratio and rode it like a single speed, which I would far more prefer in there anyway to be honest. The track was bumpy and slow with a fair amount of water about so the ride was pretty crap. It was good training, but not much fun. I did one large lap and left. I won't be back for a while.

Good advert for biking eh!!!

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