Sunday, March 21, 2010

Vic Park Up/Down...

Met up with Craig at the old house and cruised over to Bowenvale ave, went up old school at a nice gentle pace, both of us feeling slightly unfit. Was Craigs second ride this week, but he hadn't been on the bike for about 6 weeks before that so he will be flying in a week or 2. Felt like I was riding pretty well up the technical parts where the rocks stick out, had 1 dab somewhere but otherwise was good apart from having to stop behind a stalled Craig one time. Cruised ahead at the top section and headed down into hidden valley. This was the first time I have ridden down it since it has been reopened. Really enjoyed it and we both agreed it was like the old style unbermed trials from the early days. Was cool. Rode up again into vic park up the skidder track to the first track coming in from the left and took the low line up. Just about blew out on the first section as it was so steep. I am sure I have ridden all the way up this before but think I would struggle at the moment anyway. We decided to avoid most of the single track on the way up as there were still a few shuttlers coming down, although we still ran into a couple on the 4wd track up, one grommy dork made all sorts of noises like he was in pain at having to take the slightly bumpier line past us even though A. We had right of way as uphill traffic, and B. He was riding a DH rig with at least 8" travel that would have soaked it up with no worries anyway. Make you wonder why they were on the track anyway given the much better alternatives to get down. Also while I am having a moan, there were the usual Sunday ----wit riders still out who ignored a friendly hello on the way up too. Maybe they should stick to their roadies with that attitude. Normally I am riding to late to see any of them anyway.

Once we got to the skidder site we headed up into the gums and I almost made it up the rockgarden just at to top but lost a bit of speed as I went around Craig who had stopped. Think I would be able to ride it most times though. It will make a good future challenge for fun. We then took Thompsons 1 and 2 down to The Kiwi and refilled with water there. Cruised to road to top of Worsleys and headed straight into it. I was in front and had to wait for Craig a bit. He was having issues due to being out of energy, so we pulled out onto the road at the saddle and had a 1 square each. Craig inhaling his in about a quarter of the time it took me. Must have needed it for sure. We decided to have another loop and shot up again. This time Craig feeling much better stuck to my tail pretty well, I just slowed in a couple of places to let him get back on. Felt good both times going down myself and did a couple of the jumps much bigger than I have done before so had some confidence there, although on the first run I had to bail on the rock drop after the bridge drop as I was to far right and heading into the scrub when I landed. Did a couple of practices of it after that but found it difficult to get the line right going in due to a diagonal braking rut from people going around it. Anyway we came out at the Kiwi again and rode the bottom Thompsons but bailed on the next as I was starting to get cramp like sensations when I was standing cranking up steep stuff. Rolled down to Brakefree where I did the seesaw and a few jumps but had to stop as I was in to low a gear and couldn't get any speed going into the double further in. Went dowi into the old Gums again where Craig had a stop on the rock garden but to crashes luckily. Took the old line right out to the gateway to the war memorial and headed back to the skidder site and up to where Cool Runnings used to start. Took the wrong track and fired myself down some steep as DH track where I had both wheels sliding all over the place and no way to stop, just managed to pull up before I hit a pine tree, and then dropped down onto the 4wd track. Craig had a go to with pretty much the same result, so good nobody hit anything. Headed right to a dead end and then went back left along one of the tracks, no idea of the name though and just picked a line down to the top of Bridges, we seemed to pass another track every 2 seconds, it's like spaghetti in there now. Took the high line down bridges and dropped down onto the 4wd. Craig stopped to watch and then had a go but stopped on a couple of the bigger droppy bits on the way down. Was getting darker so missed going back of hidden and took the highway out. Did the drop track that goes past the second gate which is sweet to roll now and did the little kicker jump where Old Skool comes out too. Cruised home via the Urban single tracks and drove home for more home made Burgers from last night....Yum.

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