Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Multi ride catch up...

Been a bit busy to keep up with the ride logs so this is a very brief round up since the Blowhard ride to get back up to date. From memory the next ride was with Keil, Mike and their mates doing shuttle runs.. First run down through Vic park, via seesaw and Sesame Street, then gazza's Shazza's or Dazza's or something then New Bridges.  Next run was Flying Nun and round 3 was the same again on my own. 

Next ride Rich and I did 3 or 4 laps out at Living Springs. 

Last night I rode laps of the Farside (lower Worsleys Spur) with the PFMTBC boys - Steve, Pete, Warren, Andrew, Wayne, Tony and Robyn.  I arrived earlier and had 4 laps done before they got there and did a further 8 laps with the others.  About 1km per lap with 55m of altitude per lap.

Good rides, nuff said.

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