Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Far Side Lap Dogs

Tuesday evening managed to leave just before the worst traffic and back roads it with Rich on board over to Worsleys Road.  Parking just past the first hairpin we decided to take off minus our normal gear seeing as we were doing short loops no more than a few minutes from the car.  This made climbing a little easier. 

The first climb we took was up the rutted single track adjacent to the road.  Lots of gorse encroaching too, so high risk of punctures.  We made it without any issues though and headed down the first trail to the left Valhalla.  Nice 'n' techy but not overly hard.  Lots of fun.  As with all of these trails they seem to go on a lot longer than you expect.

Lap 2 and we rode up the tarseal from then on.  Next track (second left) was 1 Trick Lucy, and another more or less carbon copy of the first trail.  Plenty fun again, lots of tight squeezes between trees and off camber corners.

Lap 3 (missing Far Side as we have ridden this several times) into Utopia and again another similar track.  Super cool and faster lower half. 

Lap 4 was Fluffy Sheep which we expected to be fairly average for some reason but was really cool, a good entry level trail but ride if faster to make it fun.  Nice and swoopy.

Lap 5 we hit Far Side, the top being unexpectedly but not surprisingly rutted out by skidding riders.  This almost caught both of us out but we got a handle on it before the corner at the bottom of the steep entry.  From here on the trail was pretty much as per normal bar a little extra dust.

Lap 6, Rich in front we hit Valhalla again.  The dust from behind was a problem causing a few moments along with the proximity of trees and off camberedness.

Lap 7 We decided on 1 Trick Lucy but I missed the start and Rich went ahead.  This resolved the dust issue and the run went pretty well apart from a slight loss of control on one of the droppy straight sections that took a bit of gathering in. 

At the bottom we quickly packed up, headed off for food from Noodle Canteen, Beers and PFMTBC meeting at Petes.

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