Thursday, November 20, 2014

Old Skool Lappage II

Tuesday evening ride.  With Swtchbckr away with work for a week I contacted the boys from PFMTBC to see if they were riding and if so could I tag along.  They were and as it happens, had planned to do a carbon copy of my last ride.  I picked up Phatboy (who kindly gave me a yummo feed first) and we loaded up the 'Rona and met the others at the end of Bowenvale ave.  This time I had 3 clean climbs up to the top, bar stopping at the creek crossing to watch the others attempt to ride it.  There were a mix of successes and failures but everyone gave it a go.  I also had 1 dab when following Helmut up to the second hairpin where I was too close and got stalled in the rutty bit.  This time it was pretty windy up the hill so it was a bit tricky on the narrow trail at speed.  I felt pretty good though and had a good run on all 3 laps but did manage to go way off the trail half way down after a jump from one of the rocks on the trail. 

After so many laps in a row I was feeling pretty dialled in to the track and despite the wind the last lap would definately have been my fastest run. I seemed to be able to rail the corners and maintain my balance/line pretty well all the way down.  We caught a few riders on the way down giving 1 a bit of a fright and causing him to bail off the track in  a panic to get out of the way.  After the 3rd lap we cruised back to the car and headed home.  Helmut impressing us by cleaning the super dodgy exit trail to the right at the bottom of old skool. 

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