Friday, April 9, 2010

Post daylight savings Sumner night blat...

Met up at Swtchbckrs at about 6 after work and got changed and ready to ride. Remembered that the lights were going haywire on the Bongo, so got the torch out and a screw driver and pulled open the steering column light switch. Found a few oxidised contacts and a worn slide on the activating part of the switch. A bit of sandpaper from my cycle patch kit and and a slither of trusty insulation tape had everything fixed up in about 25 minutes. With operational lights we headed on out to Sumner city. Parked up and shot on Capt. Thomas trail. Managed to get about as far as I ever have up the first steppy steep bit. I think a slightly lower gear would help there. Blew out a few of the tough bits on the way up, mostly stuff I should ride too, but got a couple of difficult ones as well so not to unhappy about the form. Got to the top in good shape and we decided to take the road up to Greenwood. We hit the single track and I felt pretty good still so kept a decent pace on although a few gusts made balancing a little tricky. Got to the top and took it easy past the ruins due to wind and watery eyes and got rolling on down. Went through the rough rocky sections at good speed, it seems I have mastered the troubles I used to have in there, or someone has made it heaps easier??? Due to riding under lights and the wind I had the speed dialed in a little down, but was feeling bumps and rough terrain in the back and hands. Normally I am fine until I hit the bottom where the pain bites big time in the arms and sometimes feet. Went pretty well apart from getting stuck for 5 seconds or so at the tricky rise/rock near the bottom. From the bottom of Greenwood, we headed to Godley and had a go at cleaning the bottom section. Blew it first go and tried a couple more times but got stuck in the same place each time. Walked up that section and managed the rest of the climb to the top OK enjoying the technicality of the rocks on the trail. Uneventful decent into the next climb and enjoyed the rocks there too although I had a little dab at one point. Got down to the top of The Anaconda and headed in. Felt pretty good but a little sore still and the wind made for slightly lower speeds. The clay track looks a blur under lights too, so you have to trust the track and your suspension to get through OK. Had a good blast out the tail too, had a good cross up slight right before the exit cattlestop bridge thingy and had to gather that up before hitting the up ramp. Jumped further than ever so I guess it didn't scrub to much speed off. Rode slowly out of Taylors as Rich was pretty blasted and had a bit of a look about for new lines in the park down to Sumner and played on the driveway drops on Scarborough way as well. Healthy Maccas meal on the way home too.

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